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"...Even Katrina's most ardent fans couldn't imagine what the combination of her vocal passion and Janis' songs would bring about...Katrina Chester is a stunning Janis Joplin. She shakes the earth off its axis with renditions of 'Sumemrtime' and 'Ball & Chain' that Janis herself would have a hard time topping. In fact, if you shut your eyes, you would b hard pressed to not think you're sitting in front of the real thing. Somehow, she is able to summon a demon inside her that draws out emotions from the depths of her soul, spurring a performance that brings tears to the eyes of many of the Janis fans who witness it...

Opening with the classic 'Piece Of My Heart,' the show moves slowly in the beginning, setting the stage for a level of intensity rarely seen on a Broadway stage. Katrina brings things to the next level with 'Turtle Blues,' and hits an emotional peak with the aforementioned 'Summertime.' Most of the audience joins in on 'Mercedes Benz,' and is brought to their feet when the last notes of 'Me And Bobby McGee' ring out. The closing combination of 'Move Over' and 'Get it While You Can' put the finishing touches on a show that manages to draw you in so much that it's a shock when janis dies, even though her demise is the inevitable conclusion...

The support from the cast, and from Luxx fans, has been nothing less than enthusiastic. "All the Love, Janis people who work at the theater have been great, and so supportive," says Katrina. "Especially 'cause I never acted and they knew I was terrified to get up there my first night. They really helped me get the nerve! Rob [Cloris, keyboard player in Love, Janis] helped me so much, as well as Eric [Massamino, bass player in Love, Janis] and the rest of the band, Cathy [Curtin, playing the alter-ego Janis] and Amelia, Jack and the director Randy, right down to the girls who help me with the clothes. And everyone at the theater, even the ushers, kicked my ass and said, 'Kat, get up there, you kick ass, you so can do this.' Without them, I'm not sure I would have had the balls."

--The Aquarian, May 8, 2002


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