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"Katrina has not only the voice for the role of Janis Joplin; she brings the intangible too. It's difficult to describe the fine line here, but this isn’t an imitation so much as an evocation of the spirit within herself. Seeing her in this role it's clear that it's a natural extension of herself. Her acting seems not to be acting. I would not be surprised if there are some deep parallels shared by Janis and Katrina."
-- Long Island Entertainment

"Katrina Chester is a stunning Janis Joplin. She shakes the earth off its axis with renditions of 'Summertime' and 'Ball & Chain' that Janis herself would have a hard time topping. In fact, if you shut your eyes, you would b hard pressed to not think you're sitting in front of the real thing. Somehow, she is able to summon a demon inside her that draws out emotions from the depths of her soul, spurring a performance that brings tears to the eyes of many of the Janis fans who witness it."

"Katrina is nothing short of spectacular. Janis fans of all ages jumped to their feet with excitement as Katrina. Even the ones who were doubtful anyone could ever emulate the true essence of Joplin remarked during the intermission, she is truly amazing!"
--Inside Connection

"In addition to Katrina's gravelly vocals, which she projects with a powerful intensity that falls somewhere between Janis Joplin and Steven Tyler. Depending on the song, Katrina delivers with verve and a passion that will leave you breathless."

"Vocalist Katrina Chester was not only stunning to look at, but she had the voice to match. Katrina still delivers the goods with her rough, powerhouse style. Although lots of people have made comparisons to Janis Joplin, at times her voice reminded me of Bonnie Tyler and even Marianne Faithful."
--INSTANT Magazine

"Katrina Chester is the quintessential vocalist, there's really nothing else she needs to do in this lifetime."
-- Unsung Hero Magazine

"Chester's raspy singing covers a range of emotions, from seductive temptress on straightforward rocker to raging ex-girlfriend with the funk-metal blast."
--The Worcester Phoenix

"Vocalist Katrina Chester delivers a smoky intensity that owes more to the '70s metal/punk days of Pat Benatar and Patti Smith than '90s rockers Courtney Love or the Breeders: her style is refreshingly retro and personal, blended with bluesy soul and intellectualism. Plus, Chester is one hypnotic hellcat of a singer onstage."
--Kalamazoo Express

"Katrina Chester' slightly raspy voice belted out some pretty sultry and sexy lyrics that sounded like Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge, and Beth Hart all rolled into one."
--Boston Soundcheck

"Chester has a lot to offer as a vocalist. She's a real "something old, something new" type of singer. She is an emotionally charged ball of fire on some songs, yet at other times lets her softer, seductive delivery portray equally strong emotion Angry, yet alluring, Chester is one helluva frontwoman."
--Ohio Press

"Chester has plenty of talent in her strong, passionate rock and roll voice, replete with delicious raspiness and moody alto qualities... delivers surprisingly-satisfying tunes..."
--Rhythm and News Magazine

"Katrina Chester's voice- Raspy and full of character, Chester has a formidable stage presence wrapped in great leather pants."


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