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KATRINA CHESTER NOW TOURING IN THE NATIONAL TOUR OF "LOVE, JANIS"!! Click here for details and show dates.

In 2002, Katrina Chester enjoyed a long, hard-rockin' run as Janis Joplin in the smash play "Love, Janis". The show closed in 2003, but here are a few snippets commemorating Katrina's performance.

Katrina Chester singing Bobby McGee

Reviews of Katrina Chester's NYC Run in "Love, Janis"

Press Photos of Kat as Janis Joplin

Photo Credit: Sioux Nesi
These are few select photos being released from a photo shoot Katrina did recreating the original "Janis Joplin Topless with Hundreds of Strings of Beads" photo from 1968.
Duplication, sale, or usage of these photographs is strictly prohibited. They may not be copied from this web page and used in any way.


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